This weekend's openings were great! It's so satisfying to all the hard work pay off and to have a fun time at an opening. It was definitely on the cold side, weather wise, but luckily all the galleries had the heat on! Here are some pictures from the events:



"Love, Lust and Desire," at McGowan. You may be able to spot my piece--upper right!


My work at the Gallery at 100 Market St, in Portsmouth


Also, a fun fact: While at McGowan Fine Art Gallery, I met another fellow artist named Kiera! For us, it was truly a once in a lifetime event. She has some nice photography work in the show and also on her website.


Again, it seems that when it rains, it pours. Suddenly my art is in high demand, which is certainly one of the better problems to have. Two openings are February 1st, 5-7:

February 2, 4-6:

It's been a busy week getting everything together and satisfying to see everything fall in place. If you can make it to any of the shows, it would be great to see you!