July News

Somehow summer is never quite as relaxing as I expect it to be. I've been having a blast though! Lots of stuff to do, that's for sure. I have some work up right now at the Azure Rising Gallery in Wolfeboro, if anyone is heading up to the lakes region to cool off! It is a very scenic area. I snapped a picture on my way up at one of the scenic overlooks. The art work will be on display through the end of July. There a couple more shows coming up. I'll post again when those details are solidified. Wolfeboro


At the end of June, I started my masters at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. It's a low residency program, which means I attend a residency in June and in January, and during the rest of the year, I work independently, consulting with mentors and advisors regularly. I'm really excited to be starting. Our June residency was an amazing experience. Being surrounded by people intellectually and passionately discussing important artistic concerns for ten days was a superbly stimulating experience. I will be taking some new directions in my art as a result, which is something I was looking to do. I got a tremendous amount of feedback, inspiring some new ideas. You can follow more about this experience here.


Thanks to te encouragement of several people around me, I finally got an Etsy shop open. Etsy is a great website to find unique, handmade and vintage items. I'm planning to carry small work editions and creative cell phone cases on it.  

My Brushes

In other news, I have decided to continue my education with a Masters degree. I am excited to do this. I think it's important to not get stuck. Keep moving forward. Make more art. I remember thinking as a child that life would get easier as I got older. Maybe it will, but it hasn't yet. There are so many decisions to make with long term effects on my future. I must simply remind myself that most of these options. The only way to loose is to do nothing.

"An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one." Charles Horton Cooley