test print

A Test Print for Escape

It's hard to get my feet under me. It's like running on a rolling log (something I would certainly avoid doing in real life). I see time passing so quickly and I try to grab the calendar days and look at them as the fly by. I try to grasp that so many days are already gone, so many have been filled and taken away. It makes me run faster, but maybe I'm just spinning my wheels, getting more stuck in these routines and obligations I so earnestly try to prevent.

I was recently showing some of art to people, and this piece was rediscovered. It was actually a test print, which is why the double image is occurring. I put it through the printer one way, and it stopped, so I tried again going the other way. It was my first print on any sort of alternative material. This is galvanized stell flashing that pre-coated with digital ground to absorb ink, and I hadn't wanted to waste my prep time. I always called this image "Escape." I saw the butterflies escaping from this structure. The structure is a photograph I took of the clock tower in Boston's financial district, which I felt was symbolic of societal pressures. One of the people I showed it to, however, saw this tower as a cathedral or church. This interpretation works for me too, as hope and flight coming from a place of spiritual security. I need to ground myself again, and find my peace.