Exciting news! Well, for me. I got a new, jumbo, beautiful, stunning monitor! You may find this hard to believe, but all these years of digital art and glee have previously been faithfully provided for by my sweet little laptop. But now--the possibilities are endless! Or at least easier to see. 

Kiera Reese's Bigger and Better Monitor

There it is, in all its stunning glory. Don't worry, I've already made massive progress cleaning off my desk since this picture was taken. (Look at that panorama by the way! Though this particular studio shot is admittedly rather blurry, on this monitor, I can zoom and see each brick to scale. So fun!)


In other news, I decided my printer was ready to be used again. Photographs wouldn't be perfect, but large swaths of color printed on fabric are totally a go! 

Below are a couple works-in-progress. Enjoy!