It's been a busy fall, and I've been getting my art out there! Last weekend I had an opening at Artstream for their show titled "Home." That was interesting for a few reasons, the main one being the director selected the pieces she wanted. When I thought about how my work fit into this theme, it was surprisingly easy to see the connection: The heart searches for a place of acceptance, belonging, security and peace. This the idea of home. Often, it is tied closely with nostalgic impressions, memories from our childhood. As one comes of age, the idea of home changes. The utopian home may no longer include the white picket fence of parents dreams. It evolves as we find our new fence behind tall, barren trees, or past the city's outskirts as we venture out into the unknown. From our earliest days, we are searching for independence and wholeness. These two ideas are often at odds, as the first demands separation and the latter, camaraderie. The discovery of independence causes us to establish a new home for ourselves. This journey can take us to unexpected places, and in the wilderness, our heart may be able to hear its voice more clearly. While we may not always be near home, its idea surrounds us. Thus we find familiarity in the foreign, hope in barren, and life in the dust.

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This past Saturday, the Winter Salon Show at Soo Rye Art Gallery opened. The exhibition had a nice diversity of work on display. It was a great opportunity. It's been interesting to me to see how one thing can lead to another. I'm excited to see the next step!