plastic bottles

Tin Foil

I love to explore alternative photographic processes. It always seems like I have more ideas than time. I'm currently working on kind of a side body of work involving prints on tin foil. I made a contact sheet this week: Image

The images are made up of translucent recycled objects that I scanned as negatives, and then overlaid with some pin hole camera images. Yes, I'm trying to see how many processes I can really use in one body of work. I am such a process person. I get excited by new ways to create images.

I formally presented my work this morning to a group of artists. I got somewhat nervous right before hand, but once I started talking, everything fell into place. One of the artists commented that I am a very intellectual painter, and it was really nice to hear some positive feedback. I do put a lot of thought into my work. I always have to be careful that I do not over think things, which is why I try to work impulsively, quickly, and slightly rashly.