Microwaved Wood

I just put a piece of wood in the microwave. I had given it an acrylic wash and thought it might help it dry faster. Good news, it did! Also, made the microwave smell like freshly cut wood. So two wins today. I might be tempted to think I have just accelerated all my art projects, except that pretty much nothing else I anticipate making will fit in a microwave. Perhaps all I really did was discover I need to buy a bigger microwave. It's just as well. I'm sure acrylic fumes cause cancer or something if I use the same microwave for food later. Actually, that's a good point. Wait, why I am telling this story? ...I know I had a different point. Oh, I guess just that's exciting to try something and instantly see results. The transfer process I use is like that. It either works immediately or not at all. It's not like a painting, where I could labor over it for months, ultimately to decide I hate it and it would be better to start over. I mean, designing the image I transfer is more like that. It isn't all instant, which is also good, because I like a good struggle. I know when I'm facing resistance, I'm on the right path. It took me months before my first transfer worked out. I'm stubborn in many ways. I may not (ever) fight with people, but give me a process, a concept, an idea to battle out, and I will wrestle it, give it a run for it's money. In the conflict, there is peace. In the chaos, we find patterns and order. Contrasts and harmonies underline everything in life.

Tin Foil

I love to explore alternative photographic processes. It always seems like I have more ideas than time. I'm currently working on kind of a side body of work involving prints on tin foil. I made a contact sheet this week: Image

The images are made up of translucent recycled objects that I scanned as negatives, and then overlaid with some pin hole camera images. Yes, I'm trying to see how many processes I can really use in one body of work. I am such a process person. I get excited by new ways to create images.

I formally presented my work this morning to a group of artists. I got somewhat nervous right before hand, but once I started talking, everything fell into place. One of the artists commented that I am a very intellectual painter, and it was really nice to hear some positive feedback. I do put a lot of thought into my work. I always have to be careful that I do not over think things, which is why I try to work impulsively, quickly, and slightly rashly.