On Display

Well, it's official. I have graduated. It's a rather strange feeling, but I guess I accept it. The Annual Student Exhibition opens every year during this time at my school, and it highlights senior work in the galleries and studio spaces. I was honored with a very nice location in the French Gallery. Here are some pictures of the display! [gallery]


With some help, I made the shelves myself for this show and the whole effect was even better than I expected. It was great to see the work out of the studio and up in a gallery. If you have a chance, come see it! It will be up most of the summer at 148 Concord St, Manchester, NH. I swear it looks even better in person.

One of my jobs is working for the NHIA gallery, so the past three weeks, the entire gallery staff has been working incredibly hard to get everything up. It is an intense amount of work to organize and arrange everything. Every underclassman has the opportunity to show a piece, along with the 79 graduating seniors each hanging their work. We had the information for about 1200 labels (over 500 underclassmen and over 600 senior pieces). Some of the work was not shown, but it is still a significant show of abut 1000 pieces. Our gallery director had his birthday in the midst of it all, and we made him original, hand screen printed t-shirts.

The opening for the show was May 20th. On May 19th, there was a Preview Party, for which people purchased tickets to see the work ahead of time. The seniors are all there too and it is a kind of a celebration of our student career. It was great to see everyone in front of their work proudly hanging on the wall. A really special time.