Don't Stop

There's always opposition, it seems. There is no path of least resistance. There is simply finding what is worth fighting for. Every time I have tried to get to my studio, there are a thousand things trying to pull me away. I am stubborn though. I think I've gotten more stubborn with time. I like to think of it as tenacity. I don't give up easily. I completed my first piece in my new studio about two weeks ago:


I made it for my friend's birthday. It was kind of a quick piece, which is always a good way to get inspired. Nothing makes me want to create art more than making art. Each piece inspires the next, which is why I feel so strongly about not taking breaks. My mantra lately has been, "Can't stop, won't stop, don't stop." In other words, keep going. I remind myself of that constantly. Today, I was talking to some students who were admiring my work hung in Manchester. They were saying how it looked like I put a lot of work into my art. So many artists seem to be under the impression that art will just create itself, that if they wait long enough, something will magically happen. They will be "discovered" or something. I take my art too seriously for that. There are too many artists out there for me to think I can just drift around until the stars align and a masterpiece appears before me. With that said, off I go to the studio!