So it Goes

Time certainly seems to be flying lately! My work in in a couple of shows, if you have a chance to check it out!

  • 2013 Biennial, New Hampshire Institute of Art, French Gallery
    • November 11-December 12
  • Light and Shadow, Gallery 6, Dover, NH
    • Dec 7, 2013-March 1, 2014

The opening for the Biennial was last night, and it was such a privilege to be part of it! Openings are such wonderful opportunities to meet artists and other like minded people. There is a wonderful variety, and I recommend checking it out!

As I mentioned last time, I'm creating a new body of work involving surreal, photographic landscapes. I'm endeavoring to solidify the concept, but the work is really getting quite interesting. I hope to be posting a gallery on it soon.

In other news, I have a new printer as an addition to my studio, and it's been so wonderful to have such unlimited access to it!